Photo of Burley Woods,

Burley Woods Legacy Elevated ISA Director

Burley Woods is the ISA Director at Legacy Elevated. As a U.S Naval Veteran with over twenty-five years of diverse experience in sales, developing and sustaining logistics, specialty training, and management, Burley has a wide range of expertise to offer, making him a true asset.

His leadership of his team is as impeccable as his ability to build genuine relationships with clients. A client once told us that Burley has a beautifully pure soul. He is known for lighting up every room he strolls into, and creating a wonderful environment filled with expert knowledge and an authentic determination to serve. 

Born and raised in Elkins, West Virginia, Burley has lived just outside the DMV area for his entire life, making him an excellent contact for relocating to West Virginia, Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. He attended the University of Phoenix and studied Electronic Technologies, which he used during his time in the Navy. His hobbies include landscaping, home remodeling, and creating art. Burley also holds a passion for giving back to his local community by volunteering at Elkins High School, Eagle Scouts, Citizens Promoting Community Chair, and more. His determination to serve his community is inspiring to many.

Burley's high standards for client support is a large part of our success as a company. His team is well-informed, detail oriented, client focused, and a true reflection of the kind of leader Burley is, as well as the successful environment he creates.

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