Who Really Runs the Office?

Administrative Staff are the gatekeepers and air traffic controllers of your business

Whether in office or remote, Admin Staff and Executive Assistants are the glue that holds the ship. The air traffic controls calendars, calls, supplies, and even executive's schedules. Because of this, office admins play an essential role in the long-term success of any business as one of the key ambassadors of a company’s culture, mission, and values.

Your admin staff is key to keeping your business operational. Everyone in an office usually relies on the admin staff in some shape or form to keep things running smoothly, which makes recruiting the RIGHT candidates for these roles critical. The recruitment fee for Admin Staff and Executive Assistant positions is $8,500. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

exectuvie assistant

Executive Assistant

  • Provides high-level administrative support and assistance to the Executive Director and/or other assigned leadership staff.
  • Performs clerical and administrative tasks including drafting letters, memos, invoices, reports, and other documents for senior staff.
  • Arranges travel and accommodations for executives.
  • Schedules and attends meetings on behalf of executives, taking notes and recording minutes.
  • Receives incoming communication or memos on behalf of senior staff, reviews contents, determines importance, and summarizes and/or distributes contents to appropriate staff.
  • Performs office tasks including maintaining records, ordering supplies, and performing basic bookkeeping.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by executives.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
administrative assistant

Administrative Assistant

  • Directs the preparation of all financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, shareholder reports, tax returns, and governmental agency reports.
  • Compares sales and profit projections to actual figures and budgeted expenses to actual expenses; makes or oversees any necessary adjustments to future projections and budgets.
  • Reviews planning process and suggests improvements to current methods.
  • Analyzes operations to identify areas in need of reorganization, downsizing, or elimination.
  • Works with the President and other executives to coordinate planning and establish priorities for the planning process.
  • Studies long-range economic trends and projects their impact on future growth in sales and market share.
  • Identifies opportunities for expansion into new product areas.
  • Oversees investment of funds and works with investment bankers to raise additional capital required for expansion.

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