EXP Realty

Business Alignment

Quarterly Meetings with James

Quarterly meetings are important for reviewing progress, promoting communication, and facilitating strategic planning. They enhance accountability, coordination, and decision-making within an organization.

Monthly Meetings with Venous

Monthly meetings provide regular progress updates, facilitate communication and teamwork, address emerging issues, and maintain organizational momentum.

Monthly Invite to Mastermind for DC

Mastermind for D.C. provides you with cutting edge knowledge from real estate professionals.

New Logo Design (Signs/Business Cards)

Logo design is valuable because it establishes a brand's identity, sets it apart from competitors, and builds recognition. A well-designed logo adds professionalism and credibility to a brand and enables consistent and cohesive visual representation across various marketing materials. It serves as a memorable symbol that customers associate with the brand, contributing to brand differentiation and making a lasting impression.

Venous Onboards

Onboarding involves training sessions, mentorship programs, and opportunities for new employees to connect with their colleagues.

New Agent Onboarding 

The purpose of onboarding is to help new hires feel welcomed, informed, and equipped to succeed in their positions, ultimately promoting employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Legacy Elevated Bootcamp 

1 Free Hire - EA from LE

The 6 C's


Nellis Group, Shull Team, Tim & Julie Harris, Gene Frederick


Training/Empowerment, Accountability, Focus, Expansion and Faith


Charity Involvement with RevShare for line, Local & Global


Cap, Team Scale, Office Space, Affiliate Business


Stock (Equity Position), RevShare (Acquisition Shares)


Title, Mortgage, Insurance, Property Management